Kids Party Ideas


For the very best and most Awesome Kids Party Ideas, look no futher than Awesome Events! We take pride in offering a unique, high caliber and professional kids party that is unlike any other! Whatever your idea, expect an Awesome Event!

We have lots of fantastic options that are perfect for kids parties, including our Dinosaurs, Gorillas, Robots, Sharks, Sports Cars, Sensory Story Telling and Many others ideas! All our Kids Party options come with the options of Party Bag fillers, certificates and a special gift for the Birthday Boy or Girl. Want to know more? Here’s some info!



Baby Dinosaurs, Adult Raptors, Dinosaur Discovery Fossil Digs and even the Big Dinosaurs are available for Kids Parties! Our biggest Dinosaurs can be too big for kids parties, but our 25 Baby Dinosaurs and pack of Raptors are very popular for private parties! Combine a Dinosaur Discovery Fossil Dig with one of our Baby Dinosaurs or Raptors for the most Awesome kids party.

dino gif 6


Our amazing Robot Colossus is available for Parties but he’s quite a big machine! We do however have a smaller Robot available as well as out Build a Robot Party! These events are both educational and incredibly fun for a range of ages! Additional options are available for the party bag fillers and certificates.

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Our ultra realistic Gorillas and Baby Gorillas are an amazing experience for a kids party and the chance to bring the Jungle to them and Zoo directly into their home! Our Gorillas are totally indistinguishable from the real thing and make the day incredibly special! Our Baby Gorillas are small and friendly enough for all ages to love!

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Reptile Experience 

For those that love a creepy, crawly or scaly event, why not have our Reptile Experience come to your Kids Party and introduce guests to giant Snakes, spiky Lizards, hairy Spiders and armour plated Bugs! These are real animals and are handled under the expert care and supervision of our Senior Animal Handler David and is an experience not to be missed.


Scuba Diving Party

Now your kids party can dive beneath the waves! This is more than an Awesome Kids Party Idea, this is the gateway to an exciting skill that could last a lifetime! Based in our South London Private Dive Center known as the Cube, the kids will be supervised by one of the Worlds Top Divers, Simon Lodge, known for his work with National Geographic and teaching students of all ages for Films, TV and just good fun! The Kids Party Scuba Diving Party is an exciting and unique day jam packed with fun and experiences!


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