Immersive Experiences

At Creature Events we love taking things to the next level… there’s nothing better than really thrilling an audience and Immersive Experiences are a fantastic way to do it.


Immersive Experiences

We may be known for our show stopping Dinosaurs, Robots and Wild Animals, but at Awesome Events, we do a lot more than that.

We have a series of dynamic and involving Immersive Experiences / Immersive Theatre that can be played out in a variety of venues and situations! Fantastic for Corporate entertainment, it also works incredibly well as part of a Promotional activity or PR stunt.

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We have a number of pre built themes that we can offer within your event, however we can also provide a totally bespoke theme created entirely for you! When it comes to our pre built themes, the actual Immersvive Experience is still totally bespoke to you and your event, it just means we have done it before so a lot of the planning for the key interactions are in place and we have a good idea of some of the things we could do.

Some of our themes include:

  • James Bond / Spy Games
  • Knights of the Round Table
  • Star Wars
  • Futuristic / Alternate Universe
  • Indiana Jones / Crystal Maze
  • Escape Horror


Why go Immersive?

What is the point in it?  It’s great fun! Have you heard of Secret Cinema? That is a great example of an Immersive Experience that is designed around a film that the audience then watch. It’s a fantastic concept. What we do is a little different. We bring the Immersive Experience into your event and bring it into the overall theme of the evening. It can be a subtle under tone both with or with or without the big show to finish or it can be a key setting and part of the event.

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