Hire the Spartans

Are you looking for the ultimate security personnel? Ok, well you might not want to Hire the Spartans for their warrior nature, it may be for their rock hard abs and boisterous nature! But whatever the reason when you Hire the Spartans you can be sure they will cause a stir as they move through your venue and command the attention of your guest. Expect dazzling displays of strength and danger.

Hire the Spartans

Our Spartan Warriors are available in a range of numbers, from a duo to an entire patrol! Both Male and Female warriors are available when you Hire the Spartans ! Just like all our services the performances are entirely bespoke and though we have several preset options our Spartan Performances will fit around the specifics of your event and your needs!

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Whether you are looking for just one or an entire army, when you Hire the Spartans you can be sure to cause a stir! Have them greet your guests, wander through the crowd, pose for photo opportunities or put on a show.

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Maybe the ripped and hardened flesh of our Spartans isn’t the right thing for your event, maybe you want something a little more Prehistoric? CHECKOUT OUR DINOSAURS!

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Wants something a little more Mechanised? Checkout our Mechanised Warriors! CLICK HERE

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What about something more natural? Like the idea of a Gorilla coming to your event?  CLICK HERE



With our Bespoke Booking Service we will design any Event for you to meet your exact Event Requirements

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Whatever package you decide to go for, we offer FREE PROMOTION across all of our Social Media channels which include FACEBOOK and TWITTER for EVERY event!  

If you would like to take full advantage of our free promotion all you need to do is to send over all your relevant Event Information including any artwork and links to your social media channels!

We have a dedicated fan base who are desperate to see when our next appearance is so make sure they know when and where your event is!

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