Hire A Lion

It’s time to Hire a Lion

Thanks to the Awesome Events team you can now Hire A Lion for your event and create the ultimate experience for your guests. Our Lions are operated by a human inside and have fully animatronic faces and full muscle suits so they are totally and utterly indistinguishable from the real thing!

Hire a Lion with our Ultra realistic and totally Awesome Living LIONS!

When you Hire A Lion, your guests are ensured an ultimately unique and Awesome Event experience! But did you know we can set up the Lion for a realistic pose or for a standing pose?  We can also add horns a blue velvet jacket and you can have the BEAST for your event! Combine that with our beautiful Belle and you can have the full Beauty & the Beast treatment!

Hire a Lion?  Or Beauty & The Beast?

Whichever option you go for, our creatures are fantastic for events, immersive experiences and TV and Film use with ultra realistic physical attributes and puppeteered by our Expert Physical Performers whose credits include Star Wars, Ghost Recon, Predator and many more. It’s not just the vastly superior quality of our costumes that distinguishes us, it’s also our unrivaled experience. In addition to these factors we are entirely committed to customer service and performances.

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With our Bespoke Booking Service we will design any Event for you to meet your exact Event Requirements


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Whatever package you decide to go for, we offer FREE PROMOTION across all of our Social Media channels which include FACEBOOK and TWITTER for EVERY event!  

If you would like to take full advantage of our free promotion all you need to do is to send over all your relevant Event Information including any artwork and links to your social media channels!

We have a dedicated fan base who are desperate to see when our next appearance is so make sure they know when and where your event is!

 Contact our Team for a Quote! +44 (0) 208 224 5370