Dinosaur Installations

We have some exciting Dinosaur Installations options for client looking to add a full time Dino Activity or Attraction to their Venue! This option is a buy and keep product and you can either Install it in a single location or move it around your venue.

t-rex leg from jurassic park prps form jurassic park unique prop hire unique large props large dinosaur prop hire

From our Interactive Dinosaur Discovery Dig Installation  and the optional consumables add on’s to our T-Rex foot print casts, molded from the actual T-Rex leg from Jurassic Park!   The T-Rex in Jurassic Park is an icon in one of the most iconic films ever made, so having the footprint is a real attraction in itself.

Dinosaur Installations

Dinosaur Fossil Display

Would you like a Museum grade fossil display? We can provide you an amazing range of fossils and related display pieces for your event or venue. Available on long and short term loan, we have an amazing range of pieces including:

  • Dinosaur Skulls
  • Dinosaur Skeleton
  • Mosasaur Jaw Bone
  • T-Rex Tooth
  • Misc Dinosaur Teeth
  • Raptor Claw
  • Small & Medium Dinosaur Egg
  • Woolly Mammoth Tusk Ivory
  • Ammonites & Trilobites

Dinosaur Discovery Dig Installation

The Dinosaur Discovery Dig Installation comes in both a standard and a custom size and available as a stand alone product OR with the option of additional consumable add on’s that can generate increased revenue!

Option 1: £550

Dinosaur Discovery Dig Installation in our standard size of 1.2m by 1.2m and contains a juvenile T-Rex skeleton, Raptor claw, Ammonite and Trilobite. These fossils are cast from our stock of fossils and casts and are embedded in a ‘bedrock’. The bedrock and fossils are covered in child safe sand and or sand wood mix (also child safe).

Option 2: £675

The Dinosaur Dig Installation as in Option 1: – but with the added option of adding in one of our Fossil Packs that the users can dig out and either hand over to the staff to be identified that you may have on the dig.  If you choose to let children keep the fossils they find, you can subscribe to our Regular Fossil Order

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Add on 1 –  Regular Fossil Order

Subscribe to our Regular Fossil Order and receive a regular pack of fossils that can be utilised within the Dinosaur Dig Installation OR as part of any other activity.  Regular Fossil Order subscriptions are available in different volumes and contain a number of different fossils including: Ammonite, Trilobite, Assorted Bone, Teeth

  • Pack of 200 per month
  • Pack of 400 per month
  • Pack of 1000 per month

Add on 2 –  Video Instruction

Want a video to run to automatically deliver instructions to your visitors and guests? Add on our Instructional Video and turn the Dinosaur Discovery Dig Instal into a Multi Media interactive Activity.  The video helps the kids identify the fossils they have found.

The Installation is available by our team or we can ship you the product to self install with or without the sand provided by us. You can supply your own sand if you prefer, in order to save on delivery costs – OR we are happy to provide you our child safe mix of sand and wood chip.


Jurassic Park  T-Rex Footprint

Step into the magic of Jurassic Park by actually stepping into the T-Rex footprint!  This amazing offer is a limited run and once they are gone they are gone! We were very lucky to get our hands on one of the few legs built for the original Jurassic Park movie and we just love it. We wanted to share a bit of the magic and now it’s available for venues and private collectors to buy!

The Foot imprint is set into a hardened concrete mix and can be either set into or above the ground in either a rough or smooth finish.

Each foot imprint is numbered and signed by our creator and you get a certificate of authenticity.

Jurassic Park T-Rex Footprint: £575

Jurassic Park T-Rex Footprint (pair): £1050     – Save a £100 !

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Other Props

At Creature Events we have an amazing range of props and pieces for installations take a look at them below and if you see something you like, let us know and we can arrange something amazing for you !

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