Shakers – The Party Starters

Shakers – The Party Starters

You may have heard about The Shakers but you probably don’t know what a Shaker is, but that’s ok, because we invented them! Let’s say you are having a party, be it a corporate or even a large group of friends and family… a Shaker is there to shake things up. See where the name comes from yet?

Shakers are expert conversationalist, dancers and they often know a magic trick or two, but they best bit about a Shaker is they are as COVERT as they are OVERT! Pretending to be Uncle Bob or the new guy or girl in accounts or some other equally innocuous individual, the Shaker or Shakers join the relevant tables and mingle throughout the room. Their job is to ensure that everyone is have a great time, make everyone feel good about themselves and the event. Then when the music starts they are the first and last ones on the dance floor!

Shakers make sure your party or event goes off with a BANG!

Our Shakers are all professionally trained actors, so they’ll never let slip that they are not really Uncle Bob or that new accounts person. You can request Males or Females.. or both and the Shakers can even pose as the ‘Plus 1’ of one of the guests who is in on it.

If there is a particular skill set you’d like a Shaker to have – just let our team know!

Our Shakers stay sober throughout the evening, of course, as even though they are posing as guests, their  job is to make your guests have fun!

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Our Shakers will dress as per the dress code and will take on the character and characteristics you select! It’s totally bespoke to your event!

What you want… is what we do!

Obviously our staff are professional performers and should be treated as such… they should not be treated as dates! No matter how gorgeous they are! They are there for the Party … not for you … so hands off! BUT for those of you organising the ultimate party and are looking to make it an Awesome Event, make sure yours has a Shaker!

Looking for something else, an After Dinner Speaker perhaps? What about an Immersive Experience? a Robot or Dinosaur?  How about some Awesome Props to decorate your event? Checkout the MENU to see our entire range of options!

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