At Creature Events, we know the ultimate Corporate Event is about providing a great setting, with great entertainment for your great people. So that’s why we have created a range of Awesome Event Entertainment options that is specifically designed for Corporate Parties and Events.

We also have a range of Awesome Corporate Activities available – 1 Day – 3 Day &  7 -10 Days. See below for more information.

Awesome Corporate Activities


Get Wet underwater experience underwater filming tank london

For companies looking for the ultimate in exciting and unique activities we have a couple of Awesome options including our UNDERWATER EXPERIENCES!

Join us in south London in our private underwater tanks or across the UK in open water environments. Learn Scuba, Freediving or take part in our Underwater Team Building and Leader Training Days!

Single Days Available in:

  • London
  • UK wide

We also offer 3, 7  and 10 Days options for companies looking to escape the UK and take part in our International Underwater Experiences. Be it Whale watching, Dolphin spotting and or  Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, or Freediving or we have a number of Yacht based Live Aboard or Hotel Based activities  in a variety of Awesome locations including:

  • Malta
  • Sharm
  • Mauritius
  • Maldives
  • Bespoke International Options – Ask for details

Full photographic and video packages also available

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Mind & Body

To give your staff or clients a true Mind & Body Awesome Experience we have some amazing 1, 3, 7 and 10 day options.

Waterfall Tours, Wellness Yoga & Pilates  and the Warrior Courses are our most popular and exciting Corporate Activities.

Single Days Available in:

  • UK Wide

We also offer 3, 7  and 10 Days options for companies looking to escape the UK and take part in our Mind & Body retreats and activities. These activities include Waterfall Tours, Wellness Yoga & Pilates, Ultimate Fitness Bootcamps and the Full Warrior Courses in a variety of Awesome locations including:

  • Malta
  • Sharm
  • Mauritius
  • Maldives
  • Bespoke International Options – Ask for details

Awesome Experience

Last but not least, we have a nothing less than the most Awesome Experiences

Yacht – our international yachting experiences are a wonderful way for Companies to reward staff and or clients. We offer both live aboard and hotel based options in Malta, Sharm, Mauritius, Maldives or a Bespoke International Option. From Wildlife spotting to sports and relaxation – Ask for details.

Safari – our amazing safari options are a must for eco-tourism junkies and those seeking a genuinely different experience. We offer bespoke safaris in the Okavango Delta and the Masai Mara that take our clients into the heart of the wild. Staying in the finest places in the world and guided by our experts – our clients are guaranteed the most Awesome Events Experience. From private lodges to private planes – our clients Experiences are the truly unforgettable.

Kilimanjaro – challenge your team to climb the highest freestanding mountain in the world and go from the sun baked ground all the way up to the snow capped summit. Guided and assisted by local experts – the adventure to the top of the mountain and back down is around 4 days, so an overall trip of 7 -10 days is advised. Are you ready for the real Awesome adventure?

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Awesome Corporate Entertainment

Shakers Office-Party4

Our Shakers will ensure your evening ignites with laughter, fun and excitement. Surreptitiously placed among your guests these party starters will pose as guests under and agreed character and guise and ensure that the conversation flows well and that when the music starts, the dance floor is always packed ! Our Shakers have lots of fantastic skills and talents as well has being expert conversationalists and are professional performers.

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Immersive Theatre shakers corporate party entertainmint

Imagine finding out the boss of your company is actually the head of an international crime syndicate and that it was down to the guests of the event to unravel the mystery. Through a number of clandestine interactions the guests will get the chance to expose the true identity of the villainous boss… but what happens after the unmasking….? Expect unbelievable action.

We have many exciting and unique scenarios available. Ask our team for more information

Music 12642995_873246339461333_8949995852234281572_n

Finding a great and unique music act for your event can be tricky, there’s so much out there and it’s hard to find those jewels in the rough. That’s where we come in! We have only ONE Music act at Awesome Events and there’s good reason for  that! We think they are just… AWESOME!  The PinUp Sisters are our sultry Vintage act who perform a variety of old and modern hits in their very own, very unique way.

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Awesome Corporate Events Entertainers

When you are planning on having a truly Awesome Corporate Event, you are going to need some of our Awesome Events Entertainers!  We have a range of Awesome Fire Performances, Professional Dancers, Stilt Walkers, Roller Skaters, Showgirls, Contortionists, Croupiers, Mermaids, Giant Cocktail Glass performances and Living Tables!

Take a look at a vareity of our costumes OR ask us for the FULL range!

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