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Welcome to Awesome Events! The home of Awesome Event Ideas![rev_slider slider 1]

We have a range of amazing event packages and offerings including our ‘living’ DINOSAURS, ROBOTS, GORILLAS and GREAT WHITE SHARK!

We also have other amazing offerings including:



Our SPY GAMES and James Bond Experiences are a very popular way to entertain guests at premiere events with their being two main options from Performance Focused or alternatively Immersive & Interactive

Performance: Our James Bond Experience is an exciting and dynamic performance that brings the intense spy action of the BIG SCREEN into your venue. With Bond Girls, Baddies and a dashing Spy or two these exciting performances will leave your guests shaken and stirred!

Immersive: The immersive SPY GAMES brings your guests into the world of Bond and actually involves them in a secretive game that is running within their event, that as the evening goes on becomes more and more apparent and eventually explodes onto the main stage.

Which is right for you? Get in touch NOW for information and to BOOK 020 8224 5370


SHAKERS – Ultimate Party Starters

SHAKERS are the ultimate in party starters! Want your corporate event or party to go of with a bang? You need a SHAKER! But what is a SHAKER and why do they make your event so memorable? A SHAKER is a ‘plant’ a guest at your event with a secret, the secret being that they aren’t a guest at all… they are there to make your guests have fun. They are the one with a hilarious story, or joke, the one that ensures the table is up dancing. Our SHAKER joins the guests with a cover story, they are a new employee starting soon, a freelance consultant, a client, or even the boyfriend, girlfriend, or bother or sister of another guest. Under this guise their job is to ensure the guests have fun. And oh boy do they do it!

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An Immersive Experience can be the most exciting way to market and or launch your business or product or the engage and entertain your guests in a totally interactive experience that lets them leave their normal lives behind and leap into a totally different world! Catapult them into 50’s America or Back to the Future and into a world where aliens are invading.  What will your Immersive Experience be?

What will yours be? Get in touch NOW for information and to BOOK 020 8224 5370





Looking for something TOTALLY different for a Private or Corporate Event? Why not get to know your staff or clients beneath the surface … beneath the surface of the water that is! Come along to our private underwater environment in South London and dive into a world of underwater fun. With games, team building and opportunities for amazing photography and filming under the surface, diving into our underwater tank is a memory never to be forgotten.

Ready to get wet? Get in touch NOW for information and to BOOK 020 8224 5370














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